GOQii launches two new devices – Smart Vital Ultra and Stream


GOQii, the smart-preventive healthcare company, has modified its preventive healthcare portfolio with stylish new offerings. It has launched two new super-stylish devices – the Smart Vital Ultra and the GOQii Stream – targeting young adults, thereby encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle. The new devices are revolutionary, with personalized coaching, providing insights about the user’s wellbeing, driving actionable care which is supported by data. 

The Smart Vital Ultra has a bigger screen and better resolution. It can store and project all the data you need for going the extra mile. The larger screen helps you avoid straining your eyes to see your progress and track your vitals. What’s more is that you won’t have to tap the screen repeatedly while engaging in an activity, as the display is always on. 

The Smart Vital Ultra has in-built latest technology which lets you monitor your blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, as well as continuous and undisrupted heart rate readings around the clock. It also helps you better understand your sleep patterns through an in-depth analysis of your heart rate and SpO2 while you sleep. 

Some other desirable features and qualities include extended battery life, steps tracking, distance tracking, calorie tracking, etc. It has up to eighteen Multiple Exercise Modes which include indoor, outdoor, and water sports. 

GOQii is also launching the GOQii Stream, which is a feather-light and water-resistant device from which you can also make and receive calls. Its Bluetooth calling enables you to make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch through the built-in microphone and speaker. It also features a dial pad and options to sync your phone’s contacts and access recent calls. 

The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra and Stream are on sale in GOQii’s Webstore (https://store.goqii.com/), and on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. 

As always, you get a 3-month subscription to personalized health coaching which is unique to GOQii. The GOQii Health Ecosystem provides access to certified coaches to guide and motivate you, resident doctor consultation, live workout sessions by experts, a digital health locker for storing all your medical data, and lastly, the GOQii Health Store from which you can shop for healthy products within the GOQii App. 

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