GPT-3- the world’s largest AI language model


Nowadays, it has become quite difficult for humans to identify the difference between human-written and machine-written articles. The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), the world’s largest AI language model and the third generation of GPT, created by OpenAI, takes it to a new level of language prediction. 

GPT-3 is a powerful model with 45 terabytes of text data that runs through 175 billion parameters. Once fed with some content, it predicts what would come next. Despite being very efficient, GPT-3 also like any other AI has weaknesses as it is trained on human-created data.

Information from various online sources, links, books, and everything in the readable form are used to train the language model. This means GPT-3 reads through almost all the articles available online and in addition to that it goes through different theories, manuals, different places, and so on. GPT-3 also gets fed by information from an authentic source such as BBC and The New York Times. GPT-3 contains a huge amount of information that helps in making each search much easier. The user does not even have to ask or search for what they want as GPT-3 detects what they are going to ask. 

Even after having many advantages, GPT-3 has its disadvantages too. GPT-3 can read, write, and interpret things like humans to do but at the same time, the world’s ever developed artificial intelligence language model creates mistakes like any other human being. Few of the not very popular hesitance from the part of GPT-3 includes small things like grammatical mistakes and providing insensible information.

Apart from committing easily spottable mistakes like missing out different words and getting some numbers wrong, GPT-3 also commits much bigger mistakes. The reason behind these mistakes is that GPT-3 is trained using human-created data or information. This poses one of the biggest problems of GPT-3 because it depends too much on the information fed to it during the training and this creates the problem of bias. The problem of bias is faced by most of the artificial intelligence models from long back. 

Being aware of the efficiency of GPT-3, nobody should forget that this powerful language model is created by humans and hence would have various limitations as any other language model.


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