‘Mirroring Y 2020 Radio Advertising report’, latest TAM AdEx report shows us the trends of Lockdown vs the Unlock period. There are about 90+ Radio Station that has been monitored by this report. Understanding the advertising trends which is the main aim compared to the past 5 years, monthly trends, top trends, state and city contribution on radio ads. Advertisers, people who release advertisements, and find the commercial radio as a good medium for them to take their message to their preferred target audience. There was a slowdown for advertisement industries during Lockdown Period. The industry is trying hard to catch up with the changed market structure since the Unlock.

There has been a significant improvement in the advertisement industry after the Unlocking period. The Unlockdown period saw 180+ hours of average ad volumes/day 5 times more compared to the Lockdown period according to the report. They have shown us the advertisement structure in the Unlockdown compared to the Lockdown period on radio medium. There is a 5 times growth during the Unlockdown period according to the advertising trends. Compared to the Lockdown period there is a 5 times growth in average ad volume per day was seen during the Unlock period. There is an increase in 78% of the tally of categories. During the Unlockdown period, the advertisers and brands grow by 5.8 times and 6.1 times during Unlockdown period. During the Unlockdown period, 70+ categories and 340+ advertisers saw positive growth. advertisers that were spending on Radio were coming from properties/real estate categories in the Unlockdown period. Maruthi Suzuki among advertisers saw the highest increase in the ad.

The Lockdown period saw a 1030+ count of advertisers when tallying the categories and the Unlockdown period had a 5980+ count of advertisers. The Lockdown period saw a 1170+ count of brands and the Unlockdown period saw a 7180+ count of brands. In pre-Lockdown times the growth in average ad volumes per day was 200+ hours/day. In the Lockdown period, it decreased to 84% and in the Unlockdown period, it has increased by 5% from the Lockdown period. Thus after the pandemic period, we could see an increase in the advertisement industry in India, thus the year 2021 is hoped as a year of opportunity.

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