GTPL Hathway revenue increases by business growth in new states


GTPL Hathway, GTPL Hathway Limited is the largest Multi-Service Operator (MSO) in India occupied in Cable TV dispersal and high-speed Broadband service distribution reaching evaluvated10 million households in over more than 100 cities around 15 states in India has disclosed a 9% increase in consolidated revenue at Rs 611 crore for the quarter ended 31st December 2021, as opposed to Rs 562.3 crore in the same area of the last fiscal.

The cable TV and broadband service contributor has reported a drop in cable TV subscription revenue by 1% to Rs 270.2 crore from Rs 272 crore. Its broadband revenue has increased 35% to Rs 105.4 crore from Rs 78 crore. While the total outlay stands up by   11% to Rs 464 crore from Rs 419 crore in the previous financial year the pay channel cost was up 9% to Rs 302 crore from Rs 277.1 crore.

EBITDA rose 3% to Rs 147.2 crore from Rs 143 crore. Net profit went up to   21% to Rs 55 crore from Rs 45 crore. The company signed 5-year contracts from the Government of Gujarat on behalf of the Digital India Project for the supply of broadband services worth Rs 482 million.  

Throughout the area, cable TV remunerates subscribers stood at 7.50 million. GTPL continues to expand its footstep in its around markets and perforated new markets through organic and inorganic ways. It has to include 1,30,000 net broadband subscribers during the 9M Financial year.

The total number of contributors stands at 7,65,000 of which 2,90,000 are FTTX contributors. The broadband average revenue per user (ARPU) for the Q3 Financial year 2022 is Rs 445 crore.

Interprets the performance of GTPL Hathway its MD Anirudh sinh Jadeja told the highlight of 9M FY22 performance was CATV business growth in new states integrated with robust subscriber additions and subscription revenues for the broadband business. On the broadband side, the company is widening in Gujarat and is penetrating other states along with business partners. GTPL Hathway counts 130,000 net broadband subscribers in 9M Financial year 2022.

The company attaches to following its planned roadmap by contributing a value proposition to valued consumers and always enriching their experience by improving their profit percentage by more than 35%.

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