Introduction of Nestle oats flakes is a threat to Kellogg’s


The chief food and drink MNC has initiated a new contribution called ‘Gold Crunchy Corn & Oat Flakes’, which hold to be a better replacement than regular corn flakes.

Nestle is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies and also one of the players in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Recently in The Times of India print advertisement that Nestle introduces gold crunchy corn and oat flakes with health concerns.

Times of India is one of the leading newspapers in India with a high price on advertisement emphasis the advertising technique of Nestle will be a competitor for Kellogg’s corn flakes, Kellogg’s is also a Food processing company that has different favor options but is not good for our health.

Instead of corn, they use oats, a rich source of energy that increases people to move on to nestle oats flakes. It makes the best alternative to corn flakes So the demand of customers turns to nestle new product. The concept Nestle introduced is that breakfast is the most prominent meal of the day so it will be healthier.

It is being a threat to Kellogg’s cornflake Preliminary, Bengaluru-based MTR Foods include a wide range of breakfast items, spices, etc was also seen choosing the same path, calling on its metropolises opponent brand iD Fresh Food.

Nestle continuously inspects and pushes the boundaries of what is feasible with foods, beverages, and nutritional health solutions to increase the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. They focus on energy and supplies were opening the power of food that can make the greatest difference to the lives of people and protect and improve the environment, and initiate significant value for our shareholders and stakeholders alike.

To overcome this threat of Kellogg’s they are introduced different plans using to ensure and stay ahead of their players. To become a victorious business competition, exist in every market.  They Learn How to operate Competition in Business, Know the Customers, Understand the Competition Features, Differences in Selected New Markets strategies Look After surviving Customers.

Thereby Kellogg’s add healthy content on corn flakes and also increase its favors more or introduce unique products.

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