MG Motor India partners with ACMA: To promote the EV component industry


MG Motor India has partnered with ACMA to promote skills development in the EV industry segment. As part of this partnership, ACMA will conduct a study on the MG ZS EV.

MG is a British automotive brand founded by Cecil Kimber in the 1920s. Mark was made famous by the British sports car maker Car Company Limited. Renowned for its open two-seater sports cars, MG has built saloons and coupons with engines up to three liters in size.

Automobile Manufacturing Association – this is the organization, the production of automobile manufacturers. It deals with trade promotion, technology improvement, quality improvement, and data collection to support industrial development.

MG Motor India has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA). According to the automaker, the association was formed with the vision of teaching and promoting skills development in the EV component industry. As part of this partnership, ACMA (Automotive Component Manufacturers Association) will conduct a study on MG ZS EV to promote skill development in the component segment.

This is in line with the Alliance‘s goal of supporting the development of the country’s ecosystem. According to MG, the association is committed to its vision of supporting and developing ecosystems for electric vehicles. Range MG IIT Delhi has partnered with the Center for Auto Detailing and Tribology (CART) for analytical analysis.

The alliance supports and develops the EV’s habitat in line with the Chinese carmaker’s vision of a British carmaker.

Speaking to the press release, Rajeev Chaba, President, and MD – MG Motor India said, “MG Motor and ACMA will jointly add value to the EV sector by providing training and development of skills to build a future-ready workforce. The relationship is also in line with MG’s vision of CASE mobility, training & skills development, and a full commitment to enhancing the use of EV.

Sanjay J Kapoor, President, Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), added, “We are grateful to MG Motor for giving us this opportunity. This period of need prepares workers for the future of electric vehicle manufacturing, and this collaboration will enable auto component manufacturers to increase their self-skills and remain relevant.

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