Hand Sanitizer ad volumes on TV soar 105x in COVID-19


When the demand for hand sanitizers rose, considering the spread of COVID-19 brought about by the novel coronavirus has led to an increase in promotion volumes of hand sanitizer varieties across media. According to information released by media research team TAM, all media stages – television, print, radio, and digital saw a hike in advertisement inserts by hand sanitizer brands. In fact, platforms like radio where the classification that had no nearness, saw a steep hike in promotions. Since the lockdown was executed.

TV saw promotion or advertisement volumes hike by multiple times such us, 105 times from 5 hours in the pre-lockdown period to 515 hours only in the lockdown time frame (March 25 to May 31). The classification was commanded by Piccadilly Agro Industries which had 83 percent of the share by volume. Hindustan Unilever has arrived in a very distant second with a portion of 9 percent, trailed by Cipla (3 percent share).

The quantity of new brands from this category which are publicizing across media has broadly expanded. Since the numerous organizations launched brands with the expanded interest or demand for the item on account of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. A sum of 27 new brands in the hand sanitizer classification has publicized on TV in the lockdown time frame. The news was the favored channel kind for this classification to advertise on with 83 percent of the hand sanitizer promotions on TV shows only upon news channels, trailed by 10 percent showing up on general amusement or entertainment channels. Movies or Motion pictures followed with a 5 percent portion of the volume.

The news bulletin announcement was the most favored program genre (57 percent), trailed by interviews/ conversations (10 percent), and feature movies, animation, and music show with 7 percent share each on hand sanitizer promotions.

The print also observed a solid development in advertisement volumes from hand sanitizer brands (38 percent) in the lockdown time frame. The portion of volume by brands was more uniformly distributed on this medium with the main five brands representing almost 50 percent of the total promotion volume.

For radio, hand sanitizers developed as another sponsor category in the lockdown time frame. A sum of 12 brands advertised on the platform in the lockdown duration.


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