Happy hour by GAANA hits 3.3 lakh views in four mainstream live performances


Gaana.com or Gaana app, this Indian music-providing app hits 3.3 Lakh views in four live stream platforms. After it came up with the two strategies that Gaana live and Gaana happy hours, it gives so many eyes on that, meanwhile when it goes on the way. Gaana lives, some of the artists to get the audiences into live mode. This future in Ghana shows the importance in hand. Around 13,00,000 eyeballs and just four live stream platforms are outstanding, said Gaana official port.  

The artists in Gaana lives are Satguru, Pankaj Udas, Dhavani Bhanushali, and Jasleen royal. It really helps fans and new artists to show their talent in their comfort zone when at a live concert on mobile or Android TV. It leads to the forthcoming concerts by Darshan Raval, the Hero Patani team, Sally Martian, and Tulsi Canal.  

Gaana happy hour will be the brand feature that any other musical service app hasn’t the chance to pursue. The new upcoming young talent and artist has been involved preliminary on the track, which will participate in Gaana happy hour. This feature is not only for enjoying live music but for knowing the artist’s experience when they work on making the music. The Meet Bros and Vishal Mishra have a unique format show to get the audience experienced with artist experiences. That resonant inexperience achieved 47.1 Lakh minutes in total time, 11K views in total views in three episodes.  

Endeavor in output and successful views in certain hours makes Gaana the ultimate place for all music fans. The testimonial by active hours is evidence that Gaana has a grand strategy.    

CEO of Gaana Sandeep Lodha said, “from this Gaana happy hour is achieved by Celebrating the musical festival direct from artists in an organic way. The shining in the light of an extensive library and the playlist motivating audiences more around this way leveled up. But moving their new experience is where Gaana is moving on. We are up to finding something like this to enable audiences to experience it in an organic way.” 

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