Netflix’s ad-supported lower-priced strategy takes subscribers hard at the moment


Netflix subscription amount is not for all Indians who take it as a reasonable price. Most of the audience expects to watch Indian Movies and Indian Web series. So, they had a feeling that innovation in price could have been low. So, Netflix India has produced a reduction in subscription amounts with advertisements. Unfortunately, Netflix lost 2 million customers with this plan. Analytics in 2021 this Q 2022 lasted a subscriber and its cost. Their huge mass OTT already causes a bit.  

Netflix Co-chief officer Reed Hastings said, “these lower-priced advertising plans open for the audiences who have lower in Netflix moment. They supported taking it as an effort. They are supposed to take it as an offer. But unfortunately, Netflix lasts something, and it needs a new plan to get new subscribers. We are trying to look out for the problem over the next one or two years. But having low prices for subscriptions and advertising is an offer to consider.” 

As per the last report, Netflix, this strategy, introducing advertisements with the lower price-add plan, could be announced at the end of this year when a customer comes to enjoy the happy hour. Who wants to watch the ad instead of watching the movie on Netflix? Step into think. That strategy will specify Indian market diversity. It also produces password sharing will be caused.  

The executive also pointed out that an ad- support-lower-priced plan might not lead the way to success. This huge Mass platform tends to consider regional and sports departments like Disney plus Hotstar and its behemoth to thanks to Cricket.  

Reducing prices will help the Netflix customer sitting on the edge. It enables sessions in growth content offered by the platform. India has limitations. Curate Digital consulting partner, would they? So, they say with SVOD. So, we will lose 20 to 25 million subscribers (about the population of Texas), and half of the subscription market will be gone. Within that, the four million subscriptions of Netflix who are who is our want to accept the add supporter lower price to plan. Mainstream content is needed to fix the fast damage and Netflix.   

30% of market share revenue own India for Netflix. The Revenue in the overall market is 1529.36 crore which is 66% higher than FY20. But Disney plus Hotstar has 1670.63 crore revenue in FY20. It seems low by 1593.02 crores but not that low. Netflix costs 220 million subscribers globally. Still, it needs some fixation on gaining new subscribers. 

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