Essentials to straighten your Digital Marketing career


Digital marketing is the latest form of marketing that integrates traditional marketing conventions with technological advancements such as desktop, mobile phones and other medias. It focuses on introducing and selling their products/services on digital platforms. We are all aware of the advertisements we receive on social medias and also the vast opportunities that lies within digital medias to expose our talent or business.

Here are 10 signs your digital marketing strategy needs an overhaul-

1.  ROI- What we invest into the marketing techniques and promotional methods must show and impact. ROI is important in digital marketing as it determines whether you’re getting your money’s worth. There are several channels through which we can perform our marketing strategies. The aim is to acquire maximum customers with minimum cost. Compare your results with various channels.

2. Social Campaigns- Maybe one of most known and important aspect of digital marketing. We can create our visibility on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, by creating better content and use keywords that can potentially make traffic to our page. Proper analytics can guide our way.

3. Traffic but No Conversions- This is a problem. We might have done a good job in evaluating our content and creating traffic but the ratio of viewers to customers is low. You need to make sure that the analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, are used to generate decisions which help us in attributing our conversion rates.

4. No Traffic- Getting traffic is a good sign of engagement itself, but no traffic means the content might not be catering the needs of the viewers. The marketing strategies used are not exactly showing the benefit. Here, the algorithm is the key. The algorithm must be designed in a way to divert viewers to your page and providing the content they may desire to see.

5. Return on Paid Ads- Many companies end up paying a lot on PPC if not targeted properly. What one must look out for in Paid Ads is to chart out a proper marketing strategy with right content that can convert viewers to paid clients.

6. Campaigns- If you are planning a campaign at the last minute then it’s time to change and add this task to your existing schedule beforehand. Effective marketing campaigns take time to put together, especially since you should be analyzing existing data, segmenting your audience, A/B testing your ads, etc.

7. Website- The best way people are going to find your website is through a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your website needs to have those essential keywords that are trending in the field of your business in order to attract clients.

8. Analyze Campaigns- Just initiating and running campaigns are not sufficient while running a campaign. If you are unaware of how to measure the output of the campaigns to run, then the efforts are going in vain and the cost is just going to increase. Analyzing your campaign and reviewing your acquisitions on time can save a lot of efforts which can be utilized on next activities that can generate income.

9. Multichannel marketing strategy- There is various channels through which you can perform your marketing strategies. Let’s say relying only on Facebook to market your product would be ineffective, an addition to Instagram could possibly boost your page. The same way we must diversify our page and focus on multiple channels.

10. Unexpected Revenue- Blindly channelling money into your marketing without the ability to measure results in terms of revenue numbers is risky, as you’re likely to dry up your budget or even put your business in the hole.

These are just the basics. If you are beginner, then these are essential tips you need and if you are business invested on digital marketing, see if your marketing strategies check these points.


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