Vogo hands over its digital marketing mandate to DigiDarts


DigiDarts, the leading Gurugram based digital agency has acquired the digital marketing mandate of Vogo, a scooter and bike rental service provider in Karnataka.

The agency will be responsible for the development and implementation of digital and performance marketing strategies for the brand.

Vogo, India’s biggest personal mobility company originated with an aim to combat the urban commute challenge in the country. The ongoing pandemic has impacted the personal mobility service market significantly. Customer concerns towards hygiene and safety have increased, which has influenced their preference for contactless personal mobility solutions. As a response to these concerns, the company has introduced innovative and noteworthy offerings like Vogo Keep, which allows customers to rent the bikes for a longer duration. Sanitized vehicles are provided to ensure customer safety. Their Home-drop bike delivery service is another feature that differentiates them from key market players.

The company aims on attaining maximum impact through its marketing plans by developing relevant, value-driven messaging and delivering it to the customer using comprehensive campaigns engaging all channels. 

Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Vogo, said, “We could see a clear value fitment between our goals and their skill set. DigiDarts’ deep-rooted capabilities in digital marketing and communication would be key to amplify and optimize Vogo’s marketing efforts.”

DigiDarts provides a wide variety of services to its clients, ranging from Social media marketing, SEO, Web analysis to Website development, etc. The agency will focus on developing performance marketing strategies which will help Vogo in penetrating the market. 

In the current era of transparent advertising, advertisers are focusing on building marketing strategies with proven ROI. Performance marketing was generated from a need to reduce cost per acquisition and increase ROI. This marketing strategy enables brands to measure the metrics of brand reach and conversion rates.

Digital marketing strategies are highly beneficial as they enable brands to attract a wide range of audience, and gives them complete control over targeting the specific audience. 

Through their data-driven marketing strategies DigiDarts will be able to optimize their campaigns for Vogo. The collaboration will add considerable value to the services provided by Vogo.


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