HarperCollins India launches Pradeep Magazine’s chronicle


Pradeep Magazine’s chronicle, ‘Not Just Cricket’ a narrative of lived, real experiences, joy, grief, fear, loss, and hope, and how an uprooted identity influences one’s perspective toward society, and also the nation.

From the Kashmir of the 1950s to terror-stricken Punjab, from the Mandir–Masjid divide and therefore the impact of Mandal politics to the tragic consequences of the Kashmir situation—Magazine paints a desirable portrait of contemporary India.

At the core of the book are accounts of a number of the foremost epochal events in India’s cricketing history, woven around personal encounters with several well-known cricketers. The book exposes the cruel machinations that are a staple diet of sports governance, as well as previously unknown information concerning the inevitable frictions and ego clashes in an exceedingly game that dominate India’s sporting discourse.

Not Just Cricket might be a must-read for anyone interested in cricket or India’s tumultuous history.

Praise for the book

Ramachandra Guha: Pradeep Magazine combines a deep knowledge of cricket with sturdy independence of mind, and his wonderful memoir is richly insightful both about the sport he loves—and sometimes despairs of—and the strife-torn states of India during which he has himself lived and worked. Lovers of sport and students of up-to-date history will warm equally to the present fine and infrequently deeply moving book.

Santosh Desai: It’s Not All about Cricket Perhaps a journey through the highs and lows of Indian cricket as seen through the eyes of one of the country’s best sports journalists. Pradeep Magazine has the insight, experience, and self-awareness to tell a tale that is both honest and intelligent.

While cricket is at the heart of the book, the author’s personal experience, which includes his political opinions, weaves through the narrative to provide a richer and more complete picture. The vivid picture of the days that it documents. The author’s humanity and simplicity shine through in every word that he has written.

Sharda Ugra: Insightful, expansive, warm, and truthful—a rare reasonably book about India and cricket.

In his forthcoming publication, Pradeep Magazine, says, “This work could be a culmination of life experiences—social, political, cricketing—that I’ve got lived through while reporting on Indian cricket worldwide. It’s the most private tour possible since it’s about the world of cricket players, fans, and everyday people colliding to build India’s mosaic.

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