Harvest Gold unveils new Logo


Harvest Gold, India’s major bakery food brand, launched its fresh visual identity with a fresh logo and packaging to empower its brand placement for the first time in 28 years since its inception. The updated look replaces the previous image of a toque-wearing chef holding freshly baked buns with an energetic and vibrant motif of a rising sun. The new-look of Harvest Gold is a tribute to the people who embraced the brand as a part of their lives.

From its commencement as a home venture with a single production unit in Bhiwadi, Harvest Gold has become a loved member in countless homes across India. For a brand that regards the customer’s reception of their products and packaging as one of its driving forces, the new packaging aims to make a long-lasting impact in customer’s minds, thus influencing their purchasing decisions.

The fresh packaging brings numerous changes in the front part of the packets, including a personalized view in every variant, use of new-age lettering, a wider red strip, improved visibility of product type and use of logo beyond the seal of the packaging. This new design will be soon seen on all Harvest Gold products, as well as racks of the shops, merchandise and vehicles.

The new visual identity aims at strengthening its already powerful presence in the market. The soothing blue and yellow colours showcase their optimistic view towards life which is accompanied by the vibrant red colour giving a message of seeking joy in small things. Be it a quick ‘nashta’ on a lazy Sunday brunch or before work, the new look of Harvest Gold brings a fresh wave of change, while giving them an intimation of nostalgia with the high-quality taste of the products.

Harvest Gold is one of the biggest producers of bread in the country and supplies six lakh loaves of bread every day, serving the same number of families every day. During the two lockdowns courtesy of the pandemic, the company served the people of Delhi and other parts of Northern India with its product portfolio including bread and buns, flatbreads such as roti, pizza base, kulcha and rusk. The company also focused on its CSR implementation partners and collaborated with numerous NGOs to deliver sweetness and care to the less fortunate.

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