HDFC Bank launches video KYC facility


HDFC Bank launches video KYC facilities for savings, salary accounts, and personal loans. Customers will now be able to sit at their homes or offices and open a full KYC -all benefits account with the Bank within a matter of a few minutes. The Video KYC process is secure, online, and quick. It is a contactless, paperless, and recorded interaction between a customer and the Bank official. The Bank has come out with this content-based Video KYC facility as an alternative method for establishing the particular customer’s identity. This KYC (Know Your Customer) facility will be used for customer’s identity during the account opening procedure in a safe and secure environment. 

This Video KYC facility has been brought in for personal loans as well as for savings and corporate salary accounts until now and will be carried out for other products too, as per the company release. As per the RBI directions, successful completion of Video KYC is almost equivalent to full KYC and the customers are eligible for all banking or financial products. The bank says with Video KYC, potential customers can open a full KYC all benefit account quickly through online measures. This facility of Video KYC is available on working days from 10 am to 6 pm with the bank. This facility would enable the customers to sit at their home or office and open a full KYC – all benefits account the Bank in a few minutes.  

For Video KYC, the customer will be needed to submit the following documents: 

  • Complete Aadhar OTP based e-KYC in Bank Application 
  • Original PAN Card 
  • Be in India while performing Video KYC 
  • After the customer completes his/her Aadhar e-KYC through the Bank Website or Instant Account Opening App available on Google Play store, he/she is connected to a Bank official who undertakes Video KYC. 
  • During a Video KYC involves the bank official will verify check the customer’s image, PAN card image, customer’s information, and video KYC’S audio-video interaction is validated before the account is finally activated. 

HDFC Bank says that the Video KYC facility is a result of an Agile Pods comprising teams from branch banking, digital banking, and retail assets working together. At HDFC Bank, various Agile Pods working on new products and services for customers. This is in the One Bank vision of reducing the competencies and capabilities of various teams for strategic projects in the Bank. 


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