HDFC Home Loan latest campaign highlights the advantage of new normal


HDFC Home Loans has released a series of TV commercial advertisements that point to the context of the current situation showing the ease of applying for an HDFC Home Loan online from the comfort of one’s home. Illustrated by Network Advertising, the commercial tries to highlight the hassle-free services to the customers online as ‘the new normal’ during current times.  

Saif Faruqi (Head of corporate communications, HDFC Limited) mentioned that HDFC and Network have had a long and strong relationship. HDFC has always had the Network team providing innovative products that are sound in strategy and which easily resonate with the customers. He further added that the TVCs stand evidence to this and that too in the current situation of remote working. 

Shayondeep Pal (Chief creative officer, Network Advertising) said that it is a new normal to everything we do in life these days. This would mean that there’s a new way of doing things versus a pre-Covid practice. The commercial advertisements borrow the popular statement, ‘the new normal’, as they try to connect the process of online home loans with some real-life examples. If attending a birthday party on a video call is the new normal, the same is an online home loan application. The advertisements were shot in Delhi and, as the films were set up during the lockdown, the shoot was managed by the directorial team remotely from Mumbai. 

While making a performance-based advertisement directing actors while sitting at your home which is thousands of miles away in front of a laptop posed the biggest challenge in making these films. Surgo Deb( Director, UBIK Films) said that he wanted the performances to be completely natural, with a touch of casual conversations to bring out the simplicity of the stories. Plotting the right cast was the most crucial part of the process, and then sessions with the actors to ensure that they hit the correct pitch and developed good chemistry with each other.  



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