Health Insurance for Diabetes


Every year 14th November is commemorated as World Diabetes Day. The origin of this dates a day from 1991.

When the WHO( World Health Organization) and International Diabetes Federation have brought to raise awareness about the risk of diabetes such as heart ailments.

Nonetheless, this day became official when the UN General Assembly passed the 14, November as World Diabetes Day in 2007.

Diabetes is an infirmity that takes place when the blood glucose is extravagant.

The common source of energy for the body will descend by blood sugar or glucose that comes from the food consumed by the body.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps the body to observe the glucose from food into the blood cell to become used for energy.

Still, at times the body doesn’t produce enough insulin as for the energy. Even the glucose will remain in the blood but doesn’t reach cells.

In the end, the high content of glucose in the body leads to diseases including eye problems, heart disease, stroke, kidney, etc.

Diabetes is mainly in three types called Type I, II, and gestational diabetes.

The type of chronic illnesses like diabetes as their costs are sky-high for a person.

Around 25% of the households are spending their income on Diabetes in India on a survey said.

There was a massive impact on diabetes care, so the major problem for households who contribute their savings for care.

It is also affecting their expenses like child’s education, repaying loans, etc.

An estimates report said that around 396 billion would be spent on direct health care over diabetes in the world in 2025.

But some countries are estimating it is much more like 40% of the financial estimate.

Nowadays, most insurance companies are offering health insurance plans that will provide early coverage or from 1-day pre-existing diseases.

It is necessary to unveil the medical history before buying health insurance. Most people make the mistake of not unveiling it.

Usually, there were 3-4 years is a waiting period for coverage of PEDs.

Here are some of the plans; Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced(Diabetes) and Activ Health Platinum Essential(Diabetes) which provided early coverage for diabetes.

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