Here Are the Benefits of Making Makeo Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Teeth Straightening & Skincare Needs 

Here Are the Benefits of Making Makeo Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Teeth Straightening & Skincare Needs
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Too many dental visits are necessary for the lengthy teeth-straightening process. Body hair removal is painful, costly, and inconvenient because it requires weekly salon visits. The most perplexing category is skincare because so many companies are competing for customers’ attention by using fancy names and difficult-to-pronounce ingredients. So how does one combine the best of both without becoming confused or complicated? All of your clinical cosmetology needs can be satisfied with a single click. 

Makeo is your one-stop shop for all your requirements, including teeth straightening, laser hair removal, and clinical tool-based facials for acne, aging, and other skin conditions. Not only that, but the company also produces a line of skincare and oral products that are backed by orthodontists and selected based on the needs of specific skin types. 

Makeo was established in 2018 by four orthodontists who later became business owners. Under the brand names tooths and skinny, the company offered simple, convenient solutions backed by knowledge and technology. To date, it has successfully established itself across the nation, creating 150k smiles and performing over 50k laser hair reduction sessions. 

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Makeo has also established an offline presence by working with more than 2000 clinics and opening two flagship experience centres where customers can access all of their services and products. Most recently, make hired Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as brand ambassadors for their teeth-straightening category to help promote their ever-expanding market presence. 

Do you have questions about how to use maker’s products and services? Just carry out these actions. 

• You use the Makeo app or visit the website. 

• Visit the skinny or toothsi page. 

• Choose a treatment for yourself or schedule a scan.  

• Pick a time for the appointment that works best for you. 

• Let the professionals handle it.  

• Use the Makeo app to keep in touch with them. 

All we can say is to set aside the conventional approaches. Now is the time for modern makeover solutions for all of your clinical cosmetology requirements. You can solve all your teeth related problems through just one click and also your skin related issues.

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