Hero Motocorp launches “India Rebounds” campaign


Hero motocorp has launched a campaign which is the remodeled version of the old campaign “Hum Mein Hai Hero” and by launching this new campaign the company aims to create awareness among the people about the precautions which have to be followed after the pandemic. The advertisement was released just before the festive season and the company has recreated their old anthem for the new advertisement.

At the initial stage of the pandemic, it had created havoc among the people and their daily lives were affected by all the people of all age groups as new norms and policies were introduced as a part of safety measures against the pandemic.

The campaign video shows different people how they are trying to adapt to the current situation or getting back to how their lives were before the outbreak of the pandemic and film shows individuals restarting their business by following the safety measures and norms and also shows children who are eager to attend their schools, people getting back to their offices where they will have their temperature checked before and after leaving the office.

The campaign video encourages people to get back to their normal lives but with a small difference that is to follow the safety measures which includes social distancing, wearing masks and using sanitizers, etc and at the end of the video the company states that they are along with the citizens for the new change. 

The advertisement was developed by L& K Saatchi and Saatchi and the new campaign film includes the anthem “ Hum Mein Hai Hero” of Hero motocorp which is recomposed and recreated by AR Rahman and the video shows how people in India are getting back to their normal lives as they were affected by the pandemic and how the people are trying to adapt to the current situation.

The commercial is a revised version of the original anthem and through which the company focuses to encourage the citizens to bring out the “Hero” within them and motivates the people to walk ahead with confidence. The original anthem was aired on Independence Day in the year 2011 and the campaign was released with the concept of creating a sense of motivation by spreading the message to the citizens that they can overcome any crucial situation.

The former chief executive officer and managing partner of Law and Kenneth, Anil S Nair stated that they had to link the brand’s past to plans of the company and that the concept had changed from collectivism to individualism.


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