HOI app in Delhi and Hyderabad airports for contactless food delivery


Flight services have resumed in India and therefore the airports are taking strict measures to ensure the safety of passengers and employees. As a part of the effort, Delhi airport and Hyderabad airport partnered with HOI app for contact-less food delivery.

HOI means Hello in Dutch is a travel app helps the travelers to safely order and pick up meals before the flights. The app is available in android and iOS platforms and offers includes other features like

  • Flight service alerts
  • Boarding Gate and Baggage belt information
  • Airport facility information
  • Time to Gate and Waiting Estimates
  • Weather at Destination
  • Pre-book parking at the airport

HOI is cognitive and intuitive and the user’s experience is uniquely customized based on what his/her needs during different stages of the travel. It provides information when the web check-in window is open, helps in navigation, and also helps in shopping. The app gives access to reliable and real-time information about travel and the flight. The user can also connect his smart gadgets like a fitness tracker with HOI and thus helps in navigation. Official Twitter handle of Digital India shared the details about the partnership of Delhi and Hyderabad airports with HOI.

HOI will be a new initiative in making the airports smarter and a new step in the development of Airport Operation management in India. After the corona pandemic, the size of the global Airport operation market projected to reach USD 14.5 billion by 2025 from USD 8.5 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 11.0%. The pandemic reduced the speed of the development with a struggling 12.0% growth from 2020 to 2021. Numerous companies are now focusing on Airport operation management like FLIR Systems from the US, Collins Aerospace from the US, Siemens AG from Germany, Daifuku Co. Ltd from Japan, Thales Group from France etc. The companies are now focusing on smart biometric solutions, thermal imaging and fever detection scanners. One of the major factors increasing the growth of Airport Operation management is the demand of smart passenger screening and management systems.

HOI app will be beneficial to the passengers and the authorities in making the airport systems smarter, safer and faster.


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