AI implementation jumps from 48% in 2018 to 72 per cent in 2019 and more expected in future


Customer experience and satisfaction should always be a top priority for a business to succeed. Keeping existing customers happy along with acquiring new customers is the prime goal of almost all businesses. The recent emerging technologies are providing businesses with additional helping hands to transform their customer service interactions.

The recent utility application of AI, widely being embraced in the business world is digital devices that can compute real-time requirements. These devices collect and transmit data to the cloud platforms, where they are viewed, analyzed and processed to provide real-time analytics. To achieve such real-time analytics, results and predictions, employment of AI technology seems to pave the way; more accurately said real-time AI helps in solving complex and unstructured data.

According to a statistics report, AI implementation jumped from 48% in 2018 to 72 per cent in 2019 and more expected in future. Real-time features of AI can help in quick decision making which could possibly increase the overall operational capacity and customer services. AI helps in pulling out customer-related factors from the details like geographical location, weather, events, or personal preferences.  It helps businesses to identify the target audience by using data science, Machine Learning (ML) and other automated tasks. Now with the input information on the target customers, their behaviours are measured to provide personalized engagements and relevant content, eventually leading to higher customer retention and loyalty.

Moreover, in businesses, real-time AI helps to create proactive strategies, much efficient than the reactive strategies to enhance customer servicing thereby expanding the customer base and leads generation. AI-powered chatbots can proactively start conversations with customers, provide relevant information and help with each touchpoint throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

AI is capable of analyzing data sets and adapting in real-time to offer products or services that match specific needs rather than basic categories. So if applied appropriately, Real-time AI with their real-time decisions can empower businesses to earn promising leads generation and optimize their customer service. Furthermore, they can provide an in-depth idea about future trends and customer behaviour too, which enables businesses to drive insight-oriented business goals to serve customer’s needs before they even arise.


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