House of cheer introduces to measure happiness quotient

70, a new venture of Mr. Raj Nayak, is a proprietary tool that measures the happiness quotient of corporates and its people. Mr. Raj Nayak is the founder of House of Cheer Private ltd and a well-known media personality. The Namrata Tata, the managing partner of House of Cheer Pvt ltd. pointed out about their experience of three decades, working in business and industry and they have learned that emotion drives them. Emotions motivate them, inspire, and energize them to be productive and to take control of their professional lives. She also mentioned that they believe happiness is the primary emotion that can maximize potential and that has not yet been truly leveraged in the Indian workspace.

By using behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and data analytics and inputs from the experts in the field, combined with their team extensive experience leading large scale operations. Through the support of all those things, they have developed a unique proprietary service to measure the happiness quotient within an organization and to provide customized solutions to empower the leaders and inspire teams. Having partnered with one of the world’s leading human insights company, the happiness index, for their technology platform, they are hoping to attend a new era in Indian business, focusing first and foremost on the backbone of any organization, its people. 

Their goal is to help organizations create a happy journey and enable them with tool to visualize their company culture and implement strategies to create a happy working environment and their program is a two-year program with regular, happiness audits that will help the CEO and the leadership team to prioritize the mental and emotional wellbeing of their people.

They thanked the UK government for helping them to identify the right partner from the United Kingdom on this project. The co-founder and head of innovations at the happiness index the UK, Tony latter said that the future of work will look very different in terms of when, where and how people are working and also he mentioned whether more employees working remotely, flexibly or in a globally distributed model, the challenges of effectively engaging and communicating with the people are increasing and it means that leaders require a new set of emotional skills and insight.


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