How Big Data ecosystem can contribute to the fight against Covid-19 pandemic?


Big data ecosystem has come out strong to help the society in this Covid-19 pandemic. New products and services are being introduced and research is going strong in different sectors to fight this pandemic. Let’s look at some of the recent announcements from the Big data community.

COVID-19 Data challenge to accelerate research and innovation

Corona death is increasing in the United States and South American nations. Russia became the next hotspot after Italy, Spain and Britain. American Heart Association, the largest voluntary health organization in the US has put forward a new initiative to understand the high rate of sickness and death rates among African Americans and other Native people in rural areas. Hitachi Vantara, a subsidiary of Hitachi and BurstlQ, a blockchain service provider has joined the initiative and launched a challenge to expand the resources available to researchers and scientists. The challenge is focused on testing relationships between Covid-19 and other health conditions based on the factors like gender, geography and ethnicity.

High-Performance Computing by ACM

Association of Computing Machinery announced ACM Gordon Bell Special Prize for High-performance Computing based COVID-19 research. The objective of this initiative is to understand the spread of the coronavirus using HPC applications. Innovation in computational methods can contribute to the research in understanding the nature and treatment of the disease.

Crisis Management Platform

Disaster Tech is a Data science platform for disaster response, announced the launch of a new disaster platform to address the concerns related to COVID-19. Disaster Tech is leading by Sean Griffin, announced that NVIDIA and Kinetica (a database management system provider) will collaborate with them in developing a real-time crisis management platform.

COVID-19 Data catalogue by Alation

Alation Inc. is a leader in enterprise data catalogues and they announced the creation of a Public Data Catalogue with Information on Covid-19. It will be designed in collaboration with data scientists, researchers and epidemiologists. Data catalogue platform will be very much helpful to the community of the people working to combat the deadly virus.

Innovation Intelligence Platform by Patsnap

Patsnap, a software company in the United Kingdom is offering its innovative products for free to fight against COVID-19. Its AI-powered platform helps the researchers, scientists and professionals to move their innovations forward. Platform analyses millions of data points, generate information and helps in decision making.

It can be seen that the science and technology field is doing their best to prevent this epidemic from further spending. Every discovery, development and invention takes time to reach to the masses. Big Data community is also taking its efforts and deserves appreciation.


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