How new AI developments in robotics can help fight COVID-19?


During this pandemic situations, technology has become a part and parcel of life. The whole world is battling against COVID 19 the technology helped human beings in assisting them and dealing with the virus. As the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing the hospitals are using robots to deliver essential things and to decrease the human touch.

In today’s scenario, humans are being replaced by robots in many places. Robots are assisting people to manage the crises as well to reduce human intervention. Robots are now used to check body temperature limiting the spread of the virus from person to person. Different countries are developing a reboot that could hold a conversation with more than one person. In the US Doctors are using robots that are equipped with microphone, camera, stethoscope in order to treat patients without coming in direct contact with patients. In China, robots are used for disinfecting public places which in turn leads to the control virus in Wuhan to a great extent.

Robots are used for diagnosis and screening.  In order to see multiple people screening systems are using automated cameras, embedding thermal sensors and vision algorithms on the robots can increase the efficiency and coverage of screening. The robots that are available in macro-micro can help in sterilizing and continuously screening touch surfaces. So, as robots can play a pivotal role in the present scenario by reducing human intervention at almost all levels, the Covid-19 brings a great opportunity for companies to demonstrate robotics applications at large.


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