How PR Strategies bring Customers and Brands together in this ‘Unprecedented Times’?


As the global health situation gets grimmer and the economies bracing for impact, brands view effective communication as an integral part of building a stronger connection with their audience. The flexibility and willingness to adapt to new ways of doing business will be the key to survival and thrive through this crisis. PR strategies that worked for brands three months ago might not be effective today.

Most of the brands are acting in a socially responsible manner in such a way to understand the world around, the culture, changing consumer behavior, trends and traits. Brands initiate to have better brand engagement and customer connect. Developing plans that help clients move forward in engaging is of supreme importance. Brand engagement through one-way messaging encourages their own community and customers to be socially responsible. All these efforts of brand communication are centered around creative messaging on social distancing and washing hands.

Over the past years, the role of PR pros shifted towards a refined and targeted approach, focused on something called storytelling and thought leadership from traditional press release distribution and mass pitching.

In a coronavirus world, the PR emphasis will be on optimizing the presence across multiple channels and mediums and meeting the audience where they are at. Strategic decisions about which channels to be double down on, and which marketing and communication channels to leave behind to be efficiently made by the PR professionals.

Brands that have the strongest emotional connection with the consumers would be rated high on respect, acceptance, and brand loyalty. It is in this scenario; many brands are engaged in creating campaigns and platforms to share ideas and keep connecting socially. All these are good initiatives for reducing stress, spreading happiness, helping customers create, and nourish social bonds.

Oyo has recently shared a post on work from home and encouraged people to share their own experiences of being lockdown. Instagram posts by Starbucks invited fans to play games and share memories. If brands continue to maintain this transparent communication with the consumer community, it will definitely make some positive differences in the journey of bringing the fans’ dreams and desires to the surface and support them in its realization.


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