How the Governments are using AI to fight COVID 19 in Asia and Africa?


Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science which is associated with building smart machines which are capable of performing task similar to human. Beings. Artificial intelligence is broadly classified into two categories Narrow AI and Artificial General Intelligence. Narrow AI is focused on performing a single task whereas Artificial General Intelligence is generally used in movies and is similar like a human being as these kinds of robots are capable of solving a problem.

The world today is going through the worst phase because of the pandemic which is originated from the Wuhan. Province in China and was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization.  The virus has spread across the globe and taken the lives of so many people. In order to tackle this situation and to limit the spreading virus, humans are developing robots that are capable of sanitizing public places and to assist people working in the medical field. Using new geospatial visualization Fraym is helping aid organizations in Africa and South Asia to identify the Covid-19 infected population. They had tried their level best to communicate the COVID infected population. Using this tool they had helped more than 40 organizations and governments to fight against the pandemic. They had helped organizations in Pakistan, Kenyan presidential office, Zambian public health policymakers.

Fraym had conducted surveys by identifying communities based on the transmission rate. The company is providing information up to a 1 km level to help in fighting the spread of Covid-19. In 20 different countries, the Fraym has produced more than 300 different data layers. Using this technology people can identify the areas where the number of COVID cases is high. It also shows the population density, household size elderly population, hygiene. This data is useful for the health workers and policymakers to identify how these populations are accessing information. Surprisingly is that in spite of the technological advancements the death rates are increasing at an alarming rate.

Like any other innovation, Fraym has born with great difficulty. The decision in Africa made with a lack of. Information. Their founders saw an opportunity to bring together existing data into a powerful geospatial framework to inform locally-relevant decisions. The result was Fraym.  Fraym provides realizable and representable data regarding the geographical area across the African continent. Fraym never fails to provide information even in hard to reach areas. AI has invaded our lives in the present scenario. It has limited the spread to COVID to a great extent.


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