How To Boost Online Sales With Instagram


In this social media era, maximum people in the world are getting influenced and acquainted with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not only are they great to connect with relatives or friends, but they are also effective in promoting business. Marketers find social media as an effective tool to reach maximum people instantly. This is the reason many marketers are now using Instagram in their marketing strategy.

Since eCommerce is trending, the number of digital buyers keeps climbing every year. Many people prefer to acquire their preferred items from various e-Stores rather than brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, many eCommerce stores have intensified their attempt to draw attention from the audience using various social media channels, and Instagram is the most popular among them.

Why choose Instagram to promote business? 

Instagram is popular for its various features, including sharing photos and videos. Marketers can share photos and short videos known as Reels, and IGTV videos in a feed to reach the maximum audience. Viewers get firm information regarding the product or the brand’s service. Having said that, a good quality video plays a vital role to attract the target audience. The creation of quality videos can be easily done using the right tool like an Instagram video editor, which allows you to create and edit videos flawlessly, and you can easily influence people with your creativity and quality product. Also, on Instagram users can share photos, temporary stories that stay live for 24 hours, 

Instagram is now extensively being used by local mom-and-pop shops to multinational companies worldwide. According to a report, more than 80% of Instagram users purchase by seeing the app while browsing. Moreover, There are many reasons why marketers should use Instagram to promote their products.

Instagram has been acquired by the parent company Facebook, and therefore, it is gaining popularity day by day. Currently, one can use Instagram to connect with his friends or relatives. According to data, Instagram has approximately 1.074 billion active users worldwide, and due to that, it has been one of the most popular social media platforms globally. This is why many marketers today rely on Instagram to promote their products or services. 

Tips to increase online sales using Instagram

1. Grow the follower base

Followers are known as the virtual audience, and in order to reach maximum people, you have to grow your follower base first. When you are looking to generate leads through the social media channel, you have to adopt an honest and authentic approach to the audience. For sure, you can grow your business if you gain trust among the users, and it is very hard to earn that. Buying artificial followers and spamming people with direct messages is not the smart way to gain leads through social media platforms.

To gain followers, you should follow these tips.

  • Plan the contents in advance and share them at the right time when followers will get the message.
  • Rather than following and unfollowing people, you should increase engagement by commenting, liking, and sharing the relevant posts that the people have shared within the targeted market.

2. Using proper hashtags

To attract maximum customers and spread your message to a larger audience, you have to use relevant hashtags according to your service and products. Using the right combination of hashtags will yield the best possible result within a certain time. This method will rightly increase the brand’s awareness and practically attract maximum attention from other users out of the circle.  

However, selecting the right kind of hashtags is not as easy as we think. There are probably many hashtags that are getting mixed with your real ones, and in this way, you have to invest some time and effort to research for a unique hashtag, and once you get them, that will represent your brand and products. Make sure that you are using the common and unique hashtags in a balanced manner in your Instagram posts. Take some time and experiment with various hashtags and how they effectively promote your brand.

3. Use compelling images only

Instagram is undoubtedly a visual platform. Therefore, it is great to use high-standard images that can rightly meet your needs. One thing is for sure, the images that you are going to post must be creative and catchy. They should appropriately highlight the products that you wish to promote. Once the audience lands on your profile, they should recognize the brand at first glance. In this way, it will be easy for you to reach the maximum audience within a short time.

To build a genuine brand vibe, ensure that every image you upload on Instagram complements your entire branding and company plan. If your company sells elegant items, for example, the photographs you share on Instagram should also be slick.

Choose highly aesthetic images because they ensure instant draw of attention. The same thing also applies to Instagram captions. While posting, you shouldn’t switch between different tenses and tones of the voice. Instead, you should keep it simple and consistent.

Since original images are ideal for the post, you can sometimes use simply edited images. They are perfect to be used in various accounts. Since there are several royalty-free websites and images available over the internet, it is crucial to use catchy images that represent the quality and authenticity of the product. Using compelling images will surely deliver a better result if you are using compelling images. Images are the brand’s visual representation, and that would be rightly done to impress the viewers in the first place.

4. Invest in Instagram ads

If you are newly introducing your brand to the world, it is a recommendation to invest in Instagram ads in the first place. Then, you can plan your Instagram ads so that you can reach maximum customers who are most likely interested in the products. Since strategy is crucial to successfully create traction among the audience regarding the brand, you should plan out the best Instagram strategy that can thoroughly impact the audience.

Currently, Instagram allows hyperlinks on ads, and the audience can reach the targeted pages with just one click. 

5. Rope in influencers for promoting the products and services

Digital influencers work as celebrities on Instagram. They have a large follower base, and if they endorse any product or brand, their followers will take that note. According to marketers, hiring influencers to make the brand image can yield the best result within a short time. 

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it offers the perfect avenue to engage with the targeted audience by using influencers. A well-thought-out Insta influencer marketing strategy can help you attract more customers and increase interaction with your items. It leads to a greater conversion rate in the end.

6. Share motion pictures of the product

It is true that people get attracted to high-quality images, but sometimes, they alone can’t drive sales. So, experts suggest that Instagram content must really impact the users. You should showcase the experience of the customers who are using the products. Tell a story through the Instagram content using several photos and videos that show the products in action.

For instance, if clothes are your product, then always post images of people wearing the clothes with cheering faces. These photos are way better than simple images of the clothes. But, unfortunately, they look dull and sometimes fail to attract attention.

7. Post-user-generated photos

User-generated content is the batch of honor for any brand. This is a form of word-of-mouth advertising. The loyal customers help create content that will showcase the popularity and originality of the product. It inspires other new customers to adopt the service or product you offer. If they are satisfied, they will share their views with their circle of friends. In this way, the popularity gets manifold within a few days. 

It is true that even loyal customers do not readily share the images of the product they use under your brand. So they need a push, and to do that, you need to offer cash prizes or incentives. So luring them would be the best thing that can happen thoroughly, and it will rightly make a great contribution to business promotion.

8.  Ask the followers to post their honest reviews

People believe in influencers because they are like everyday consumers. In this way, their opinion would be much more original than the random celebrity endorsing any product.

Getting a positive review from the influencer means it is an endorsement of your brand, and his followers will get inspired by what their role model does. Therefore, sharing influencers’ views regarding the brand would be the best way to attract maximum attention from a large number of followers.

Every product indeed has its merit and demerit. When the influencer posts something positively, it will rightly abolish the negativity from the mind of his followers, and in this way, they return to your product. The Instagram marketing method is the most effective way to enhance the brand’s popularity and value.

Instagram is a powerful platform where you can easily promote your brand to tap a large audience. These tips are helpful to promote the brand that ultimately boosts sales.  Put them into practice and boost your sales and revenue. 


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