HR professionals to reap benefits from ‘People Analytics & Digital HR program’?


Change being the only constant, today’s generation must be equipped to adapt to the rapidly changing environment. People must be prepared to deliver work at the best quality despite the prevailing circumstances. One such thing that taught people, change happens without giving any warning is the Covid19 pandemic. But, getting adapted to the changing environment is not very easy as it takes a lot of time and needs proper practice. 

Jigsaw Academy, a Manipal Global Investee Company and one of the best data science institutes in India in partnership with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM-I) aims at helping learners understand People Analytics and Digital HR through a launching a brand-new short-term certification course on People Analytics and Digital HR. The certification program emphasizes on bringing out the need and importance of data and fact-based decision-making strategy changing as well as a challenging environment, especially in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. 

The certification course launched by Jigsaw Academy and IIM-I was designed and developed after extensive market research, which brought into the light, why it is important to have a fact and data-based decision-making skills for the department of Human Resource. The learners of the course develop all the required skills, HR professional need to work in a data-driven environment. 

The course consists of virtual classroom sessions of more than 40 hours of live training from expert faculty members from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Jigsaw Academy. The live virtual training sessions would enable the learners of the course to make informed decisions, which is a mandatory skill required in today’s changing environment. Updating the current HR practices used would be a solution that would help employees in facing the sudden drastic changes taking place in the business environment. 

The certification program is planned and arranged in such a way that it would help the learners to grasp excellence in the area of analytics and management which enables the organizations to get digitally and analytically empowered by upgrading the HR practices. Self-assessment quiz and assignments, being a part of the course would help the participants to gain effective understanding. 

Prof. Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM, Indore, said that a program on people analytics is the need of the hour. According to Gaurav Vohra, CEO & co-founder of Jigsaw Academy, for a professional in the HR management, it is an important skill to have the ability to decipher data-based insights as well as understanding and implementation of analytics. 

Good decisions made at the right time make a huge difference and when it is made with the help of analytics and digitalization, more accuracy and precision can be achieved. The new certification course designed by IIM and Jigsaw is one such course that is much needed during the current uncertainties and problems caused by the pandemic.


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