Cloud Computing needs a Garbage Collection Service


Considering environmental terms, disposable products are not good for human beings as well as it is one of the major causes of global warming. For this purpose, a girl from Sweden had run a protest against the parliament about climate change which causes humans for facing an existential crisis, Greta Thunberg. But these disposable products are considered to be a waste product that might create an issue for the survival of polar bears.

But were “Disposability” in termed consider as the key factors for developing modern cloud networks. Thus, creating from these the prototypes might end up of extraneous, out of date, no longer integrated, badly-maintained all these forms clunky limescale deposits inside our IT systems and also creates a security issue as well. Although every human has to reuse the plastic bags and reduce the use of meat for this human required a cloud-based network.

Moreover, “Disposability” as a word shows a bad impact on manufacturing and industry. The goal for all this is to reduce the number of single-use items. But in that, if the outdated production code is not having the same environmental impact as a Styrofoam McDonald’s container said New Relics fee. She also suggested that this is a serious issue towards a more dynamic platform like extreme container visualization and serverless. Otherwise, they must have introduced the security holes, poor visioning, and other problems caused by their bad old days of monolithic architecture said Fee.

Fee said that we can control this by the major four levels that are security auditing, architecture documentation, usage analysis, and observability. So, based on these aspects they should focus on the usage cost and a common vulnerability of this cloud-based team for the over-focus of the cost as a stand-in for another observability. Thus, deletion is the natural practice for removing the outgrowth agility and iteration. If we motivate teams for trying to introduce new things, then there is no shame of deleting the failed ones.

Lastly, here we’re trying to develop cloud software that works effectively and is most secure, and also it will be in a cost-effective manner. We also want to get rid of the garbage which we don’t have any requirement that unwanted garbage is get deleted.   


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