Huawei retains its status as a global leader


The Chinese giant Huawei is leading in the tech world again as it reports a growth of 13.1% year-on-year. The reason we need to know is how and what is making this Company the market leader in telecom gear and other products related to that. The reason for the growth of this tech giant is its innovative technology. It’s been many years since this company entered into the market and for a young brand like Huawei much more than pure vision was required to have an outstanding among its competitors in the tech industry.

Huawei stands second in the world and shares about 15% of the global market share. And the dream of being an unrivalled technological powerhouse has only gained power. Simultaneously it has incorporated exceptional technological expertise in consumer life.

The various ways have been discussed below as to how it has done it so far:
Technological Innovation: The belief of doing and delivering anything to its customers. The best part is that it does not rely on other manufacturers for the chipsets, user interface, instead they believe in creating their own products and delivering high-end technology at lower costs. In fact, Kirin is World’s first 5G integrated chipset.
Superlative mobile phones: Huawei is known for its superlative smartphones, it’s been offering premium smartphones for all its customer segment. The features which it provides is actually a power-packed device at a good price accessible to masses. The Huawei P and Mate series have remained constantly cutting edge and many of their features have set industry standards to meet.
This series of Huawei is the most successful range of smartphones which it is providing. Not only this, but the company has also launched highly innovative and successful tabs, wearable, laptops and other accessories. It is not just limited to smartphones anymore.

Wide Range of products: Huawei has a wide range of telecommunication equipment under its brand. The products include the development of telecommunications network infrastructure, the delivery of technical frameworks to governments and organisations, and a wide range of networking tools such as modems, routers, wireless terminals, etc.
Strategic Partnership: Partnering with companies like Leica and Harman Kardon has proved to be very beneficial for company advancement. Huawei’s technical advantage benefits from these strategic alliances are mainly for its users so that they can experience the magnificent camera and other features.
Research & Development: Research and Development are always considered the core of any business for the advancement and innovations of its products and companies spend a huge amount on it. Huawei spends around $20 Billion annually in almost 21 Huawei R&D centres around the world with about 80,000 researchers working together to bring the best out of their technology.  
From phone to AI everything is made and advanced here in the R&D Centres.  The R&D processes of the business are closely incorporated into the processes of growth, marketing and sales, thus holding it ahead of its competitors.

Huawei has also been actively venturing into new age emerging technology and arming itself with skills in AI, Big Data and 5G. In today’s time, Huawei is not only focusing on its innovation and technology but also taking its customer needs into consideration. Its post-sales services and innovative solutions like its cloud technology, AI Assistance, Huawei AppGallery and AppStore, also other platforms providing the customers’ 360-degree solutions. The company’s efforts and investment will not go in vain just like that. And this is why Huawei has become the world’s giant tech leader.


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