Hyundai most misspelled brand


Whether it’s on our food, clothes, or car, we encounter no of brands every single day.

Aside from logos, one of the main aspects that differentiate a brand is their name, with some brand names being more recognizable and easier to spell than others. People will misspell many words that are not familiar or difficult to spell.

Generally, we see that lot of people spell several names wrongly. In recent times the famous car brand named Hyundai is the most misspelled brand. Based on the survey by, Hyundai is the most misspelled brand on the internet. For the survey, they used an online analytics tool Ahrefs.

The popular automotive manufacturer Hyundai is one of the most misspelled brands on the internet, with an average of 605,000 incorrect global online searches. The most common search variations for Hyundai include ‘Hundai’ which has a monthly misspell count of 581,000 monthly and ‘Hiundai’ has a misspell count of 24,000.

Similarly like Hyundai, there are many brands that are misspelled by people all over the internet, after Hyundai, the famous brand that manufactures sports cars and SUVs like Lamborghini owned by Volkswagen group are the second most spelled word on the internet.

Lamborghini has an average of 365,000 incorrect online searches a month. The searches for Lamborghini which was misspelled as ‘Lamborgini’ with a monthly count of 351,000 searches and ‘Lambogini’ with a monthly count of 14,000 monthly.

In the third position, the famous Italian sports car Ferrari is on the list. It has an online search count of 123,000 per month. Succeeding the French cognac brandy producer Hennessy is in the fourth position with an online search count of 95,100 it is misspelled as ‘Henessy’, ‘Hennessy’ and ‘ Henesy’.

Next in the fifth position, is the Dutch beer producer Heineken with 90,000 searches it is misspelled as ‘Heinken’. Ironically, Uniqlo in the ninth spot is the most misspelled clothing retailer on the list. The company which originated from Japan is errorless searched online an average of 58,600 times every month. Uniqlo searches include ‘Uniclo’ (55,000), ‘Unilo’ (2,100), and ‘Uniql’ (1,500).

At the other end of the rankings, Porsche is in 20th position.

The German automotive manufacturer has incorrectly searched online an average of 19,500 times per month, the biggest alternatives being ‘Porsh’ (10,000) and ‘Porsch’ (9,500). Overall, 7 out of the 20 most misspelled brands are from the automotive industry.

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