Hyundai scores many firsts in new partnership with Spotify India


Hyundai sponsored Spotify’s famous playlist Discover Weekly in an industry-first move to promote the debut of the Hyundai i20 N Line.

This is also the first time in India that this signature playlist has been sponsored.

Since the launch of the Hyundai i20 N Line in India also marks the beginning of Hyundai’s globally popular N Line series in India, this relationship is a natural fit.

Hyundai N Line provides every drive a sporty experience with its instantly recognisable appearance and excellent handling agility.

The motorsports-inspired design distinguishes N Line cars from the competition and makes driving a pleasure.

“Hyundai is a forward-thinking company, and our top priority has always been to develop unique curated content and engage a younger audience.

We are confident that our partnership with Spotify for an industry-first activation of the ‘Discover Weekly’ algorithmic playlist will further boost Hyundai’s brand connection with smart and trend-setting music fans,” said Mr Tarun Garg, Director (Sales, Marketing & Service), Hyundai India.

Every Monday, Spotify customers across the world receive an algorithmically generated playlist that is tailored and sent to them.

For the vast majority of these listeners – 36 percent of whom are between the ages of 25 and 34 – it’s a way to start their week and discover new music that’s specifically tailored to their likes and musical inclinations.

Discover Weekly consumers stream for more than twice as long as non-Discover Weekly users, thanks to the highly tailored experience.

These listeners are typically intelligent, sophisticated, early adopters, and trendsetters who shape culture and are quick to embrace the next great thing.

Hyundai collaborated with Spotify India to sponsor Discover Weekly in India in order to reach this influential audience at a time when they are most engaged in a personal and authentic atmosphere.

Hyundai demonstrated to its audience that the Hyundai i20 N Line is the ideal fit for their life and lifestyle by putting a marketing message at the core of music and popular culture.

Hyundai was able to tap into the “exploration” mindset of listeners with personalised in-playlist messaging, pushing action to learn more about the car and experience it, using mobile overlay and Spotify India’s Audio Everywhere technology.

“We’re ecstatic that Hyundai is the first brand in India to sponsor Discover Weekly, Spotify’s incredible customisation experience.”

“This partnership supercharges discovery for Hyundai’s audience by combining the intimacy of audio with our streaming intelligence,” said Arjun Ravi Kolady, Head of Sales at Spotify India.

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