Pizza Hut launches marketing campaign with actor Anuradha Menon


Pizza Hut debuted its bold new brand platform, ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering,’ to remind everyone that Pizza Hut doesn’t simply deliver, it delivers ‘Dil Khol Ke.’ What exactly do they deliver?

Not only are the pizzas the greatest in India, but they’re also amazing value for money, with warm and pleasant customer service, a simple, hassle-free ordering process, and the guarantee of ‘Trust in Every Bite.’

All of this would be given through whichever channel you choose to interact with the company — dine-in, takeout, or delivery.

Pizza Hut has long been known for its in-store dining experience. Furthermore, they have seen a constant increase in shipping, which now accounts for more than 60% of total sales.

Despite this transformation, people still think of Pizza Hut as a restaurant chain, which the brand is attempting to change with ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering,’ in order to strengthen its relationship with delivery.

Pizza Hut has enlisted the help of popular actor and comedian Anuradha Menon to bring the ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering’ theme to life through a playful yet confident marketing campaign that frames Pizza Hut as a brand with a new story to tell, both in delivery and beyond.

Pizza Hut is now one of the first QSR chains in India to use a female ambassador as the brand’s face.

Pizza Hut hopes to set new standards and enrich the overall pizza experience in India with ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering.’

That ensures customers will always get ‘Dil fulfilling’ excellent, restaurant-quality pizzas that will satisfy even the pickiest Indian palate. It makes the brand available to any pizza enthusiast, anywhere, at any time, at a pocket-friendly price that starts at Rs. 129.

Merrill Pereyra, Managing Director, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent, stated of the new brand platform, “We sincerely believe in taking the ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering’ promise to every consumer touchpoint.”

We want them to feel that they’ve been treated to a genuinely ‘Dil Khol Ke’ experience in every engagement with the brand, whether it’s in the store, through home delivery, or even on social media.

As a well-known brand in India, I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to both our upcoming ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering’ campaign and the company’s new platform.”

Pizza Hut riders ensure that the last leg of the delivery experience is hassle-free, contactless, and truly ‘Dil Satisfying’ through the brand’s own delivery channels, which include great value deals and coupon codes that are not available on any other platform, as well as delivery service by Pizza Hut riders.

As a result, Pizza Hut’s own delivery platforms outperformed food aggregators on major holidays like New Year’s and Republic Day, and the Pizza Hut app’s ratings jumped to above 4.5 on Android and iOS app stores.

The company is likewise dedicated to long-term growth, employing only eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials and avoiding single-use plastics.

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