Case Study: Hyundai puts up “Lamp On Challenge”


India’s first smart mobility solutions provider and one of the biggest exporters, Hyundai Motor Ltd, has recently come up with an online contest, “Lamp On Challenge”, on all of their social media handles, for their consumers. The contest is all about making aware of the customers and educating them about the significance of brake lights and also its vital presence in preventing accidents. The competition began on 16th July 2020 and would end on 31st July. The contest is already news and is a trending feed on almost all the social media platforms.

Hyundai has always been a consumer-friendly and responsible brand. Whether it comes to spreading awareness on the importance of maintenance of automobiles, educating and encouraging people on road safety and road regulations, and encouraging them to abide by the regulations. These ventures are sure to make a mak on Hyundai’s journey as a responsible brand, and would also sensitize mob in these issues.

In the contest, the contestant has to go through a three-step process, which they need to follow. They are to take a picture of their car, showing their car rear, with its brake lamp on. The number plate is to cover with a finger heart. Thus taken picture is to be posted on all their social media handles by tagging @HyundaiIndia, along with two friends on the tags #Hyundai and #LampOn_India. Qualified 100 entries are selected, under the above criteria and are presented exciting prizes.

Hyundai services like 360 digital and Contact-less service can be availed by the customers. In their recent updates. Through online booking service, vehicle status regarding service can be updated via WhatsApp, thereby availing their customers a touch-free experience, whenever and wherever they want to. Hyundai has a strong network of 1310 workshops and has always been at the forefront in providing the best ownership experience to its customers. There is a reason why  Hyundai has been ranked No.1 by JD Power in Customer Service Index (CSI) study for 3 years in a row.


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