IDFC FIRST Bank pays homage to ‘life lessons beyond classrooms’ with a Teachers’ Day brand film


The film campaign, devised by RepIndia, thanks teachers for guiding us with important life lessons not found in school textbooks.

Every Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our mentors who have played a key role in our education and shaping our life. But certain lessons like kindness, empathy, and compassion go beyond the syllabuses and pages of textbooks. Those lessons are taught in different ways, through friendships, bonds, and trust.

This is the essence of IDFC FIRST Bank’s heart-warming Teachers’ Day brand film that is making waves on social media thanks to its refreshing take on the role our teachers play in our lives.

Conceptualised by advertising agency RepIndia, the film showcases a relatable teacher-student relationship that is built on the foundation of care, benevolence and kindness, while also subtly integrating the brand message of ‘the importance of saving’ in the communication.

Commenting on the campaign, Ayesha Chenoy, Founder, RepIndia, said “There are many lessons we learn as life goes on, and one of them is that learning never stops. Grateful to our team and clients like IDFC First Bank for trusting and teaching us!”

Watch the Campaign Video:


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