iD’s new ad film recognizes the role of coffee in our lives


iD Fresh Food has rolled another campaign video for its Instant Filter Coffee Liquid. The film shows how everybody would now be able to enjoy restaurant-style filter coffee at home in a jiffy.

Crafted by People Designs and Communications, the campaign video shows a young couple working from home and longing for a strong cup of filter coffee. The lady plays the role of a conversation between herself and a server taking the order for a special cup of coffee. iD’s Instant Filter Coffee Liquid is the perfect pick-me-up that the couple needs on a busy day at work.

The campaign will be launched on all major OTT platforms, TV channels (in Karnataka), and social-media platforms. The campaign is scheduled for a quarter of a year focusing on urban crowds in the range of 25 and 55 years of age, across key markets.

Param Brahma Mohapatra, business head – coffee, said, “Now and then, all we require is our beloved coffee to improve things on a stressful day or help us give our 100% at work on a discouraging day. iD’s Instant Filter Coffee Liquid is the response to all coffee woes. With our recent campaign, we are driving home the message of keeping things simple.”

Rajeev Ravindranathan, founder, People Design and Communications, said, “iD’s Instant Filter Coffee Liquid transforms a complicated traditional making process into a joy. The film reflects this simplicity and joy as well. A youthful couple working from home, who probably miss their pre-office coffee fix at their favourite restaurant, presently enjoy aromatic filter coffee at home in seconds. It sits in pleasantly with iD’s overarching promise of our food being just the same as what you cook and serve at home.”


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