Importance of education: P&G Shiksha unfolds a story of two girls


P&G India’s CSR program, P&G Shiksha, has released a film that describes the story of two rural town girls, Munni and Vidya. Through them, the significance of education and receiving education is portrayed. It is a moving story about their realization of the happiness they have when they attend school.

The film begins by introducing the two title characters, Munni and Vidya, where they decide to peek into the house of a family who is on a staycation in that particular area. The family’s day is dismayed when the internet connectivity is interrupted due to geography, which creates a hassle for the child’s online class. The two girls laugh about this outside, but their laughter turns into dismay when the connectivity issue is solved. The younger girl among the sisters mentions that the child in the family retains her online school, but the school in their village does not. Towards the end, P&G Shiksha’s CSR cause reveals that they aid girls like them with education and schooling, as it builds schools via this CSR.

Two adjacent worlds are depicted in this 2-minute long film – one where the smallest of interruptions in online schooling is a matter of worry and the other where education is still a dream for many children. P&G Shiksha is the lifesaver here to fulfill those dreams of young minds. Leo Burnett is the mastermind behind this simple yet moving piece of art.

Girish Kalyanaraman, Vice President – Marketing Operations, P&G India said that education is an elemental part of a child’s improvement in life and the growth of society in a bigger picture when talking about the film. He also said that through this film, they hope they developed an emotional bond with the general audience and that they will do what they need to during these challenging times of the pandemic.

Therefore, this is what P&G Shiksha concentrates on; to provide children the proper education that is unavailable to them, since its introduction in 2005. An exponential worry about the continuity of education, especially for underprivileged children, is still hitting the headlines of newspapers. P&G Shiksha is trying to put a stop to the same by enhancing access to education due to the closure of schools.

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