In a Pujo-special ad for Joy Personal Care, Mimi Chakraborty stars


Joy Personal Care, an Indian skincare brand owned by RSH Global Private Limited, has released a music video featuring popular actress Mimi Chakraborty ahead of the festive season of DurgaPujo in West Bengal.

The song ‘Nijer Kache Phire Phire Ashi Tai,’ which translates to a soul-searching quest to re-discover yourself, aptly portrays the celebratory spirit that is approaching. IndradeepDasgupta composed the music video, which was written by SrijatoBandopadhyay and sung by Antara Mitra.

The music video conveys a good message by highlighting the tiny pleasures in life and how, sometimes, all that is required is a simple journey to discover oneself.

The film depicts Mimi’s soul-searching journey, in which she rides a bike in the outskirts of town, shedding her typical opulent existence away from the metropolis. She is seen having fun with children and assisting a hamlet with Pujo preparations throughout her journey.

Despite the problems people are facing as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic and hurricane Amphan, the video tries to reinvigorate the festival’s spirit by presenting a celebrity’s introspective trip during Pujo, amidst the pandemic.

Mimi’s bike ride in the film represents a notion of a cheerful existence, in which she is playing and smiling with children and celebrating Pujoin in a simple way.

The promotional song will be broadcast on OOT, YouTube, and other social media sites.

“DurgaPuja in West Bengal is a festival very close to people’s hearts, and it comprises socialising and vivid celebrations,” Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global, stated.

Despite the fact that individuals have faced adversity as a result of the epidemic and natural disasters, we have seen incredible perseverance and enthusiasm for the event.

As the festivities get underway, our newest music video captures this enthusiasm. We hope that the public loves the soothing melody of our music video and develops a stronger bond with our brand.”

“This film is a reflection through Mimi’s eyes of what is the most vital part in anyone’s life,” Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global, remarked.

We aim to express how the simple pleasures received from the objects and people around us will build up to the Pujo celebrations and festivities with this music video. We are quite enthusiastic about the marketing concept and execution, and we hope it creates a strong connection with the target demographic.”

“The essence of the song by Joy Personal Care is to bring forth the wonderful spirit of Pujo, which may seem darkened by the epidemic and the typhoon,” Mimi Chakraborty remarked.

The film is a fantastic example of how, by assisting one another, we may spread joy and celebrate Durga Pujo in all its beauty and grandeur this year. I’m hoping that the video will elicit an emotional response from viewers.

I’d want to express my gratitude to Joy for providing me with this opportunity, and I look forward to creating more engaging content with Joy Personal Care in the future.”

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