In Forbes’ 2023 Asia-Pacific 50 Over 50 Women List, there are 6 Indians. 

In Forbes' 2023 Asia-Pacific 50 Over 50 Women List, there are 6 Indians.
Forbes List of women Indian women over 50

Among the 50 Asian-Pacific women over 50 who are excelling in their fields of work, Forbes has published the names of these women who are tremendously very smart and hard working. 

Young people are being inspired by the work of women in a variety of fields, including politics, the arts, technology, and more. 

Six of the 50 are Indian women who have excelled and brought honor to their nation. 

Director of the Indian Statistical Institute, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay (55). 

Award-winning computer scientist Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay is renowned for her work in the fields of computational biology, pattern recognition, and data mining. 

She was appointed the Indian Statistical Institute’s first female director in 2015, and she oversees operations in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Tezpur in addition to instructing students in the division’s machine learning department. 

Madhabi Puri Buch, the head of India’s Securities and Exchange Board, is 56 years old. 

In March 2022, Madhabi Puri Buch was chosen to serve as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India. 

Since being appointed, Buch has loosened rules governing initial public offerings (IPOs) and advanced the bond market by enabling businesses to sell bonds with lower face values. 

Standard Chartered Bank India’s CEO, Zarin Daruwala, is 57 years old. 

Cluster Chief Executive Officer for India and South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) is Zarin Daruwala. Among the Top 100 Most Influential BFSI Leaders, Daruwala was recognized by the World BFSI Congress and Awards 2022. 

Cofounder of the House of Anita Dongre, Anita Dongre (59) 

The “House of Anita Dongre,” an Indian fashion house, was established by the fashion designer Anita Dongre. She launched the luxury sustainable brand Grassroots in 2017, which now has 280 exclusive brand stores worldwide. 

Chairman of India’s Steel Authority, Soma Mondal is 59 years old. 

The Indian Steel Authority’s current chairman is Soma Mondal. Mondal is SAIL’s first female functional director in addition to the company’s first female chairman. 

Geetanjali Shree, a novelist (age 65) 

Geetanjali Shree is an Indian author of five novels and several short stories in the Hindi language who is based in New Delhi, India. 

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