India had administered over 149.66 crore vaccination doses


As per the latest reports India has administered over 1499.66 crore total doses of the vaccine for Covid 19 according to the official date of the Ministry of Health and Family welfare.

Almost 38,99,772 doses were administered to beneficiaries in the 15-18 age group in the last 24 hours as per the reports.

As we all know to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 and its variants among the people the government has initiated to put forward the vaccination scheme and towards the middle of 2020, they started to give it to the elderly section of the people first.

According to the age group, the sections were divided to take the vaccination shots to avoid overcrowding and as the first wave was oriented towards the elder people the government focused on making them safe.

Towards the end of 2020, they covered the middle-aged group and in 2021 they covered the adults. Now they are implementing on the children age group between 15-18. After the first shot of the vaccine is taken then the next shot can only be taken after the gap of three months.

As per the latest reports on January 7, 2022, India has administered 55,47,284 doses for 18+ aged people group in the last 24 hours. Out of this 23,38,189 were the first dose and 32,09,095 were the second dose.

The doses of 38,99,772 were administered between the age group of 15-17 and in the last 24 hours among them, 1,68,20,563 beneficiaries in the age group between 15-17 have received the doses so far.

1,47,98.60,593 have been administered for 18+ age group among them 85,59,26,860 are first dose and 62,39,33733 are for secon dose.

The state Uttar Pardesh has administered the highest number of vaccination doses in India accounting for up to 20,73,86,945 doses, followed by Maharashtra accounting for up to 13,62,59,572 doses. 

Followed by West Bengal administered over 10,73,43,041 doses. Uttar Pradesh administered 13,05,03,000 first doses and Maharashtra administered over 8,09,78,376 first doses and West Bengal 6,50,76,804 first doses. 

Uttar Pradesh administered over 7,68,83,945 second doses and Maharashtra administered over 5,52,81,196 second doses and Madhya Pradesh with 5,04,76,682 doses.

As per the latest reports India has been reported with 3,007 Omicron cases among them 1,199 cases have been recovered and discharged. The number of cured patients increased up to 30,836 and almost 3 lakhs of new deaths were reported.

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