India leads with maximum Facebook app installs in December, says Sensor Tower


TikTok becomes the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide for December 2020 with close to 56 million installs, followed by Facebook, according to data by Sensor Tower, a global leader in market intelligence and applications economy.

A maximum number of Tiktok installs came from Douyin in China at 11%, then from the United States at 10%. The statistics are from the market research conducted by Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform. With close to 50 million installs last month, Facebook became the second leading non-gaming app worldwide. India topped with 24% facebook installs, followed by the US at 8% of all the other apps downloaded among countries.

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Zoom came in the top five most installed non-gaming apps this month. The most downloaded from the play store is Tiktok followed by Youtube, Whatsapp, Zoom, and Instagram. The new entrance, MX Takatak, came 10th among the most downloaded apps. MXTakatak is on the mission to fill in the space left by Tiktok, after it getting banned in India. The app is expected to climb up in the number of users in the coming year with much more exciting features.

Sensor Tower estimate includes downloads from Google Playstore and App Store worldwide between 1st and 31st of December 2020, excluding the pre-installed apps. The data consists of unique installs performed by consumers in this period. It does not include downloads or installs from other third-party stores or sites. Figures represent aggregate installs of all app versions, ex: Facebook and Facebook Lite.

The estimate throws light at the increased social media consumption during the pandemic. It has also brought ZOOM to the picture as it is been used widely by professionals as well as students. Even after being ruled out from a big market like India,Tiktok managed to top among the most downloaded globally. It proves the kind of popularity the app managed to build all around the globe.


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