Indian Bank disburses Rs. 2.28 crore to promote MSMEs at Business Meet


On December 5, 2020, Indian Bank has disbursed a sum of Rs.2.28 crore during the Micro Medium and Small Enterprises (MSME) Business Meet organized by Indian Bank. The Business Meet was conducted in Richhai industrial area, located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The program was chaired by Venkat Ramna Rao, the current Regional Manager of Indian Bank, Jabalpur.

The program was endowed with the presence of many eminent customers; various industrialists and businessmen were also present in the MSME Business Meet organized by Indian Bank. During the Business Meet, bank officials gave a brief description to the customers about different attractive banking products and services offered by Indian Bank.

The Business Meet also benefitted those customers, businessmen, and industrialists who wished to know more about the financial services offered by the bank. The function created a platform for senior bankers to answer the queries of the customers. Most of the queries of industrialists were related to the financial benefits they will be getting for the development of their ventures. Senior bankers assured them that the essential financial benefits for the development and expansion of their ventures will be provided to them by providing them with various products and services of the banks which are exclusively for micro medium and small enterprises MSMEs and industrialists.

Senior officials extended loans worth 2.28 crore to MSME entrepreneurs under various schemes for encouraging and motivating them to bring up more and more innovative and productive economic activities which will ultimately lead to the development of the country.

The senior member of the bank like, Sanjay Kumar Jha, the Deputy Regional Manager; Ramesh Barnval the Chief Manager, and Ish Prakash Shukla who also served the same position extended their valuable support in the successful organization of the program, at the same time, the Senior Manager of the bank Mr. Ashish Mathew summoned the event successfully.

Indian Bank, headquartered in Chennai, India is the state-owned financial services company established in 1907.


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