GPay to offer free debit card in India


Google GPay has come up with exciting changes, this time India could get a free GPay debit card. The new Google Pay app comes with a new GPay app and a co-branded debit card. In addition to the Google debit card, the GPay app also adds the first digital banking accounts. Google introduces the concept of the first digital banking accounts. It will be available in the Google Pay Payments app, which will allow users to use their online banking services in the app.

Google has already launched the wallet card service with a MasterCard account. This allows users to withdraw funds directly from Google wallet balance. However, at present GPay does not offer wallet service in the country and all payments are based on direct bank transfers. The new GPay app will be having a three-tab navigation system.  

The new three-tab navigation system is divided into three categories, that is., Exploration, Payment, and Statistics. The first category includes all offers, promotions, and a shortcut to payments. There are two ways to do this, either by scanning Google Pay QR or by making direct payment to the person. The second tab in the categories includes the default home screen. It has other services such as one-way payment shortcuts, online recharge, bill payments, bank transfers, shops, etc. With the third tab, customers can check their current account balance along with the transaction history and some additional statistics related to their transactions. All other services are usually the same as paying someone else, and by tapping on “People” in the middle tab, customers can select someone from the contact list and transfer money directly to their bank account. Customers can search from starred contacts also. The rest of the features are very similar to the old app.

The GPay app may soon have a new service that will allow users to start a new group by splitting a bill. Bill payments, bank transfers and online recharges within the tab will also be made available. The new version of the GPay app will be available to the public soon.


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