Information and Misinformation in web


People are relying on technology to access information and technology has a major role in information transferring. The technology helps to circulate the information everywhere within lesser time. But the fast and vast spreading have both advantages and challenges.

The challenges are not made by the technology; the people who misuse the technology are fabricating the challenges. A few peoples are purposefully creating some fake news and spread it through the web. The fake news is faster than anything and spread around the globe within lesser time.

Especially in Covid-19, some of the people are creating fake news related to the coronavirus and spread it through social media. It spread everywhere and some of the viewers mislead badly. It affects the entire credibility of web news. Now the health-related information having more relevance and the governing agencies relying on social media for information transfer to the public.

Social media platforms are trying to resolve these issues by finding and eliminating fake information. The identification of fake information is a challenging task and the public is forwarding the fake information without knowing. So the task is very complicated to filter the culprit.

Social media platforms are developed software to identify fake news and misleading statement. So the developers are trying to tackle the issues to meet the legal requirement. As per the country’s regulation, it is the legal requirement to maintain certain standards and avoid misleading statements on the social media platform.

Each platform is developing a certain tool to overcome the challenges. The developers are creating the algorithm for distinguishing the truth and fake news. The social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc are trying to eliminate all the fake and harassing content. All contents are reviewing by the platform and verify the genuineness of the content.

Intellectual property violation is another problem faced by these platforms and most of the social media platform consists of a tool to verify it by utilizing the facilities of artificial intelligence. The governing agencies also try to track the culprit and they will punish as per the state rule. The teams and policies of social media are recommending the same.


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