Trends in Business Intelligence


In the year 2020, technology is involved very much in business. The business is always interacting with the public. Without the involvement of the public, no gain will happen in business. The technology creates a path to interact with the public without direct contact.

As we know, the impacts of pandemic hit all the sectors very drastically. At the initial stage, the organizations are confused, it affects economic growth as well as social growth. So the organizations try to adapt to the new normal situation.

The business sectors are forced to transform for their survival. The advancement of technologies is utilized by business organizations for their survival. Business intelligence (BI) has a major role in marketing, selling, mode of working, etc. The conventional method of working is not even possible till now, so the organization utilizes the facility of technology to implement marketing and sale through online platforms. Moreover, the employees can work from their own homes by using technology.

SaaS Business intelligence

Saas BI technology most widely used technology in the year 2020. It can help to access the data from anywhere from the globe and the flexibility in characteristics. The remote connectivity improves the ability to work from anywhere. SaaS has become the top priority platform to work from home.

Collaborative Business intelligence

The basic factor of business is interaction, the interaction between managerial level to employees and employees to the customer. Without interaction, business is not at all possible. The collaborative BI is a tool that helps to interact with employees and customers. This tool is required for the economical growth of the organization.

Self-service BI interface

SSBI is an analytical tool that is used to analyze the data for further proceedings. Usually, the data scientists are analyzing the data, but in a pandemic situation which is not possible. So SSBI tool is used to analyze the data.

Data visualization As per the analysis, the managerial team reaches a conclusion and improvement strategies are created depending upon the precious data. The plan and strategies are conveying to the employees and data visualization is the best method to convey the information. So organizations have relied on the facilities of visual reality for advancement. The data visualization helps to present the information.


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