Significance of AI in the Telecom Sector


The telecom sector making a revolution for the last 20 years, the involvement of telecom in technology wills never ends. The internet of things (IoT) mostly utilizes by telecom to connect people and information at any point in time from anywhere.

As we know, the telecom sector influences a lot in the growth of technology and the accessibility of technology. People can access the latest advancement of technology by utilizing the telecom. As per the report, in 2020 the telecom sector will reach a CAGR of over 42%. Artificial Intelligence has a major role in the advancement of the telecom section. The customer experience improves by utilizing the advancement of artificial intelligence. The device supports the user as a human to solve the issues effectively and quickly.

 Network optimization by AI

Network connectivity is the basic requirement of a telecom. AI support to identify the network and connect with it automatically by utilizing the CSPs facility. These proactive facilities help to improve customer experience and convenience.

Predictive maintenance by AI

The predictive measure of artificial intelligence is capable to identify the upcoming issues and fix the problem at the initial stage itself. So the issues will never affect the process. It improves the quality of operation and efficiency of the process. AI has the ability to foreseeing issues before they arise by utilizing historical data. The control unit of AL having the access to fix issues in the program by correcting the errors. These involvements help to meet customer requirements and needs.

Identifying Fraudulent Activities

Artificial intelligence can defeat anonymous and fraudulent activities to support the user.  In cyberspace lots of anonymous fraud activities are happening, it is one of the challenges faced by the users as well as developers. The AI helps avoid data breaches and protects the data from cyber-attacks.

RPA for Telecommunications

The millions of customers are engaged with the data transferring at the same time, which is not possible to handle manually. Robotic process automation improves quality operation without any human error. so it would help to improve customer satisfaction as well as the quality of service.


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