Amazons new training program aim to train 29M people globally in cloud computing skills by 2025


Amazon .com inc announced a new program related to providing training for 29 million people who work in cloud computing by 2025.  The main focus of this training program is to upskill or reskill people to be experts to find jobs in the new knowledge era, We know most people lost a job due to the covid 19 pandemic so add new tech skills will open up fascinating new opportunities.

The latest initiative by Amazon not only for the employees existed in the company its open for more job seekers. Amazon hired in July 2020 approximately  876,000 employees in the us and Canada and they have planned to hire 133,000 by last December. Amazon has wide employee networks, around 1.3 million globally, ie, they are the second-largest employer in the united states just behind Walmart inc(Walmart employs around 2.2 million employees globally, in us it is 1.5 million ).

The program’s prime focus is to prepare the people efficiently and effectively to cope up with the industries uncertainties, it is a completely free training program for freshers that are entry-level employees and also supporting employed engineers to enterprise their skill areas like machine learning. Amazon design training in a new way and to certify individuals for expansion of job skills around the globe, they think about the new training program only because current estimates show upskilled workers more efficient in their working spaces, and they are very able to switch from current job to new job.

The Amazon training programs help millions of workers to adapt to career changes and they surely assist them to climb the new ladder in their professional life. The training program,m includes a variety of content. Amazon’s commitment to provide training to workers only because most of their profits in the US is from cloud computing services, and remain most famous for its e-commerce site. Amazon’s third-quarter earnings of around $11.6 billion in sales. Unlike its e-commerce site .the Amazon web service business depends on Amazon data centers ie, global, which has a far high revenue for the company.

Amazon’s new reskill training program around the world will increase tech skills among workers. Amazon provides new taring opportunities through its existing AWS designed programs. They build their own library with more than 500 courses and also interactive labs and day-long virtual training sections. This new free training program helps people to acquire certifications. Expansion of AWS will help the transition of underrepresented communities to tech jobs. This innovative program will last and definitely make a positive impact on the communities they operate in.


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