Instagram’s Love Runs Deep Challenge announces results


A new movement within the world of brands came up in October 2020 during which Instagram launched, ‘Love Runs Deep’ challenge. Supplying brands with the facility of storytelling that does move business outcomes through creators on Instagram and thus the marketing industry was invited to send their brand briefs.

Over 2800 entries were calibrated and assessed by a jury of renowned personalities from the planet of brand name creativity. The challenge aimed to bring forward the facility of affection between Instagram creators and their followers through passion, relevance, trust, and authenticity! In December, the challenge got concluded with the announcement of the winners.

After a strong process, five brand briefs bagged the winner’s crown and were ready to collaborate with Instagram creators who will further support the winners individually in turning their winning briefs into engaging marketing campaigns. The winning brand briefs were as Doritos came up with the ‘Binge-Watch’ Partner, Closeup with liberal to Love, Brooke Bond Red Label came up with Un-Stereotype India, and Swiggy with Change the Conversation.

 Brands participating in the challenge have been extremely overwhelming. The briefs came from a diverse set of brands which was a really interesting aspect. it had been enriching to ascertain the sheer width of brands that participated in the challenge and took interest in expressing their will and unraveling the facility of influencer marketing on Instagram.

 The initiative and cited the need of marrying influencers and content creators to the brands and showered in high hopes that the winning brands will enjoy this fresh perspective of storytelling by creators in an authentic presentation by the Instagram platform. Storytellers have changed the pattern of storytelling from each platform. For an extended time, a creator wants to first create a story then decide the acceptable platform or medium to market the story.

 Love Runs Deep challenge on a certain level provoked the marketing community to start thinking about influencer marketing as not just an online buzzword but how they will influence and drive business outcomes.  The whole influencer marketing ecosystem has been altered post this challenge because there’s a really strong sense of endorsement that’s coming from the marketing community. 

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