Insurance, life, or health insurance, which one is better?


Life insurance pays benefits to its beneficiaries in the event of premature death. health insurance helps pay for medical expenses, such as visits, hospitalizations, medications, tests, and procedures. You can pay for medical expenses and stay healthy and can easily avoid financial imbalances by paying premiums every month.

The main aim of taking insurance is to provide financial protection against a risk that is uncertain. For example, death is certain, but no one knows when or how it might be due to illness or accident, or any other form. This uncertainty creates two types of risk: the risk of dying early and the risk of living too long. This leads to two scenarios where one needs to provide financial support to the family who are dependent and the other is to have a regular income even after retirement, these both can be fulfilled by taking an insurance policy.

Too long a life can be managed by purchasing a lifelong retirement plan and other plans to make the best use of the pension plan, and the risk of premature death increases uncertainty. This is because a person cannot accumulate enough wealth to replace all their future earnings. In addition, with the uncertainty of how early a person would die, there is also uncertainty as to how long the remaining useful life would have to begin building a corpus.

Since insurance companies are financially better able to manage such risks, a person who takes out insurance transfers the risk to the insurer. To take the risks, insurance companies collect premiums from the insured. It is very important to get life insurance.  It is recommended to take out term life insurance that only covers the risk of premature death. Communicable diseases like cold, viral fever, restricted mobility, malaria, etc. as well as non-communicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. person can get sick and the severity of the illness.

 The uncertainty in the event of illness and the increased treatment costs in private hospitals make it necessary to take out health insurance. In hospitalization, the uncertainty of getting sick poses a great risk that all savings will be used up due to serious illness, resulting in repeated hospitalizations. The purpose of taking out health insurance is to transfer the risk of uncertain hospitalization costs by paying a premium, which is therefore safe unless it is covered by a health insurance plan.

Everyone should get adequate health insurance for life to protect their health. Savings on hospitalization. well talking about both life and health insurance life insurance should be taken by one who is financially dependent on others as it creates a regular payment of money and on the other hand health insurance is useful to transfer the risk of financial imbalances caused due to a health illness.

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