GST tax relief on covid related equipment, no relief on vaccinations


The government believes that vaccine tax incentives are unnecessary because most vaccines are provided free of charge through government channels, and there is no guarantee that the private sector will pay taxes or reduce taxes to the intended beneficiaries.

On Saturday, the Goods and Services Tax Commission decided to lower the goods and services tax rates on Covid drugs, test kits, medical kits, and even ambulances to help people cope with the pandemic but keep the vaccine tax unchanged. At the lowest level of 5% or 6%. … The new price is valid until September 30.

A group of ministers headed by the Prime Minister of Meghalaya State Konrad Sanma proposed to significantly reduce the tax rate on goods and services other than vaccines. Most of them are provided to people for free through government channels, and there is no guarantee that the private sector will pass on tax incentives to the intended beneficiaries.

 “The GOM’s recommendations are many… The board of directors certainly agrees with the GOM’s government’s recommendations, of course, on the condition that the government proposes to maintain the goods and services tax tariffs for ambulances. 28% and 18% of the temperature control unit, the board of directors reduced them to 12% and 5%. They also reduced the goods and service tax rate for crematorium electric ovens from 18% to 5%, while the GOM’s recommends reducing it to 12%. For some medicines and equipment.

Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal said on Twitter: “Trying to choose exemptions based on reverse tariff structure or cheaper imported products will become preventive consumables, masks, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, the use of #COVID-19 oxygen drugs# GST.GST basis, test destruction kit, ventilator, and pulse oximeter are not sensitive. “This is not a problem for people (vaccination tax) Because they do not pay taxes” Tarun Bajaj.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Monday that the federal government will purchase 75% of the injections from vaccine manufacturers, including 25% of the state fee, and will provide the state government with vaccination free of charge.

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