InsuranceDekho launches mobile app ‘ID Edge’


InsuranceDekho, a leading tech startup, had introduced ID Edge, a mobile app that permits individuals, including insurance partners, to sell insurance through its seller platform. While leveraging its proprietary technology, the company aims to benefit thousands of insurance partners and potential micro-entrepreneurs associated with it.

ID Edge will enhance the performance level and improve the operational efficiency of insurance partners. It also helps the company to reach a wider range of audience. Thus it paves way for generating more employment opportunities. With the newly launched mobile app, partners can follow the updated progress of their business, leads, fulfill inspections, issue policies, raise service requests, and track upcoming renewals.

About this launch, Ankit Agrawal, Co-founder, and CEO of InsuranceDekho expressed his viewpoint that they are excited to launch the mobile app, ID Edge for insurance partners across the country. In the Beta phase, they are getting a more positive response from insurance partners, due to the rigorously designed interface. The company hopes that its perspective towards insurance needs in India will improve tremendously with this mobile app.

The pandemic has created greater consciousness of health insurance among the people. The number of health policies contended has doubled every month since March. Additionally, the mobile app will further promote the company’s vision of onboarding 1 lakh insurance partners across the country. The company had already started to seek a huge interest from rural youth, women, and small businessmen who run their business at a smaller scale. ID Edge will be useful for such categories to become financially secured.

InsuranceDekho had recently accrued an investment commitment of $20 Million from its parent company GirnarSoft, to nourish their technology, product, and sales teams. As a part of the extensive plan to onboard insurance partners across the country, the company has already enrolled more than 20,000 partners recently.

The launch of ID Edge is the second stage of its umbrella strategy. On account of an end-to-end digital process, zero paperwork or in-person meeting, etc, to fulfill policies has helped the company to grow its business that was earlier impacted by the pandemic. New initiatives include a self-inspection module, where a customer can himself inspect the car to get the policy issued, and zero contact with surveyors visiting their premises. Thus it helps in minimizing avoidable contacts.


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